Our Staff

Matheson Stephen Valuations engages well trained, highly computer literate and skilled personnel, engaged for their project management skills, ability to work strategically, research skills and ability to produce timely, accurate and insightful valuations and consultancy advice.

We have information technology and property valuation consultants able to assist with market research, property analysis and feasibility studies.

Ongoing training and continuing professional development programs ensure our staff maintain industry and best practice standards and confirm our dedication to the highest standards of customer service.


  • Rod Stephen F.A.P.I
  • Nick Haines A.A.P.I.
  • Briony Stephen A.A.P.I.

Senior Valuers/Project Managers

  • Lee-Ming Tan A.A.P.I
  • Shelly Wijaya-Paini A.A.P.I.
  • Andrew Brennan A.A.P.I.
  • Elise Monahan A.A.P.I

Consulting Valuers

  • Ken Flude A.A.P.I
  • Peter Jepson F.A.P.I
  • Beven Oddy F.A.P.I

Assistant Valuers

  • Ainsley Potter
  • Jayden De Angelis
  • Nikola Savin
  • Christine Reardon

Administration Staff

  • Sharon Waddell – Office Manager/Bookkeeper
  • Brittany Donnelly – Administration Assistant