State and Federal Governments

Our company has a long association since inception with a variety of government departments and instrumentalities. Matheson Stephen Valuations has successfully completed a wide variety of assignments for government departments and associated bodies and also for a number of now privatised service providers.

  • Financial reporting and insurance valuations

  • Advice regarding rating and taxation values

  • Specialist compulsory acquisition and compensation valuations

  • Advice in preparing valuations for litigation matters

  • Valuations for sale and purchase
  • Local Government rating and taxing assessment

Local Government

MSV is one of Victoria’s largest independent providers of rating and taxing valuations.

  • Rating Valuations

  • Disposal and Acquisition valuations

  • Management of Objections

  • Public Open Space Valuations

  • Valuations for financial and insurance purposes


Commercial and Industrial

Contact us today and have our experienced team of qualified valuers assess your commercial or industrial property. A property consultancy service is also available that includes acting on behalf of clients in the various facets of the acquisition and disposal of property.

  • Proposed acquisitions or sale
  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Estate planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Asset and insuronce valuations
  • Lease negotiations
  • Subdivisional land
  • Rental and lease review
  • Specialist property categories

Domestic and Body Corporate

At Matheson Stephen Valuations, we will provide an independent valuation of your property and a wide array of allied advice.

Our property consultancy service is also available.

  • Consultancy advice on proposed acquisitions and sales
  • Estate, probate. capital gains tax, stamp duty and GST advice
  • Insurance cover
  • Family transfers
  • Estate planning

Property Consultancy

We conduct valuations on all types of residential, commercial, industrial, rural and specialised properties. Matheson Stephen Valuations has extensive experience in providing a wide range of consultancy advice.

A comprehensive database of relevant information is maintained and used for valuation purposes. We are well qualified and experienced in the provision of rental submissions and advice together with determinations for both landlords and tenants.

  • Proposed acquisitions or sale
  • Rental and lease review
  • Development of residential subdivisional land

Compensation and Litigation

Over the past 25 years, our senior valuers have provided expert advice and testimony in preparation of valuation advice for an extensive array of compensation and litigation matters.

MSV are industry-leading specialists in the provision of expert witness testimony relating to valuation matters.  We have provided Expert testimony to acquiring authorities at Federal, State and Local Government level.  MSV also provides advice to claimants in compulsory acquisition matters.

Projects of this nature include East West Link, Regional Rail Link, Mornington Peninsula Link, Eastlink, The Victorian Desalination Plant and Pipeline, and a multitude of others.

  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Rating and taxing appeals
  • Rental disputes
  • Matrimonial matters
  • Capital gains tax
  • Retrospective valuations
  • Expert witness advice

Feasability Advice

Our valuers at Matheson Stephen Valuations can assist you with various types of feasibility analysis for development and valuation purposes.

Matheson Stephen Valuations have built a reputation in the area of feasibility analysis for subdivisional valuations that varies from small infill sites to large broad-acre parcels. Advice is also provided for proposed residential, commercial and industrial property development projects.